my veasytor te permet de confier ta visite d'appartment à un veasytor pour choisir ton logement sans te déplacer en toute sécurité

Saül, a student in Bordeaux, tells us how y Veasytor helped him to save tones of money during his apartment searchs ... and even landed him an internship ! Testimony.

Saul Abittan, a 22-year-old communication intern at My Veasytor and a former Traveler shares his experience at My Veasytor with us

Hello Saül, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

Hello Carla,

My name is Saul Abittan, I am 22 years old and I am originally from Morocco.

I am currently a student at Talis Business School, as well as an intern in communication at My Veasytor.

I completed my high school education in Morocco in 2018. After that, I decided to pursue my passion for horse riding and moved to Germany. Unfortunately, my journey came to an abrupt end due to an accident.Today, I am a second-year communication student at a business school in Bordeaux and currently interning at My Veasytor for six weeks.

That's very interesting! And why did you choose Bordeaux?

Simply because I find it to be a warm city with a lot of students and plenty of things to do... perfect for socializing.

How was your apartment search? Were you already in Bordeaux?

No, at that time I was in Morocco. I must admit that it was very complicated and everything was done at the last minute. My sister and I both wanted to live together in a T3 apartment in a secure neighborhood, close to our respective schools, and affordable in terms of rent.

Let's just say that the apartments we liked were few and far between..

Yes, and I imagine that at that time you were thinking of buying plane tickets for a trip to Bordeaux just for your apartment visits?

Yes and no. We wanted to minimize costs as much as possible, so before buying tickets we wanted to find a solution to do our apartment visits remotely! However, our only solution was to contact my friends in Bordeaux to do the apartment visits for us. Unfortunately, their schedules didn't match up with the agency's appointments. So we were about to buy tickets and spend a stay of almost 4000 euros with our parents. But then something changed everything, and we discovered the My Veasytor application.

How did that happen?

My sister was accepted to Vatel, so at that time we explained the problem to the school and that's where we first heard about My Veasytor. Indeed, Vatel is the official partner of My Veasytor, so we downloaded the application.

Wow, what a coincidence! And how was your experience with My Veasytor?

What I can say is that after this discovery, everything happened very quickly.

We found our apartment, made an appointment with the agency, entered our information and that of the visit on the apartment (date, time, address) on the application, and that was it.

In one visit, we found our apartment and were accepted by the agency. We paid for the single visit pack, which was 29.90€. Clearly, we saved almost 3970€ as well as a lot of stress and time.

That's great! It's amazing. Earlier, you mentioned that you are doing a 6-week internship at My Veasytor. Can you explain how that happened?

It happened in the most original way to find an internship since the world of internships exists... (ahaha) In short, once I arrived in Bordeaux, we arranged to meet Lena for the handover of the keys in person (in addition to the visit, we also ordered an inventory of the apartment from My Veasytor).

It turns out that it was Lena, the founder of My Veasytor herself, who gave me the keys to my apartment. So I arrived, we chatted about everything and nothing, she gave me the keys, and then during the conversation, I explained to her that I was also struggling to find a communication internship for my university return, which was a week later.

She said it was crazy, that she was also looking for an intern! Huge coincidence. She asked me to send her my CV and that she would contact me as soon as possible.

But what happened next?

She contacted me 2 days later, we had an interview, and I was chosen to work as a Community Manager at My Veasytor.

Today, I am very fulfilled in what I do and delighted to be part of this wonderful team.

I will never thank My Veasytor enough for the help they have given me.

Thank you, Saul, for your time.

Bordeaux - March 2023