When you’re a student, you don’t always want to live alone. Sharing your flat with roommates allows you to share a bigger house or a flat but also it allows you to decrease the taxes.

My veasytor will give you advices in order for you to find your ideal colocation but also by preparing your researches. 

How to properly chose a student flatshare ?

As we said previously, living with people you don’t know can be a good experience, but mostly if we don’t have the funds necessary to live alone. It is up to you to form a flatshare either with your friends or join a colocation already made. 

If you choose to create a co-habitation with your friends, be careful, your best friend is maybe not the best roommates.

You need, then, to observe your friends’s habits in order to see if their habits match yours. If you are new in town and you don’t know a lot of people, living with some person helps the process of meeting people. 

Living as part of a community

If you wanna live in shared-flat, it is also learn to live as part of a community. 

The first thing to do when you live as part of a community is to define a set of rules that will help making life easier. It goes from cleaning the flat, who and when? But also taking out the thrash for exemple. You need to be on the same page for everything, the groceries, the kitchen and also the maintenance of common areas. This is necessary in order to create a good ambiance. 

Communication is key to avoid having any troubles with people you live with, which can be very hard if so. 

One question you have to ask yourself before is the following one:

“ Am I capable of living with stranger?” Because living in colocation it is also living with people that are different than you. They have not the same schedule, the same eating habits nor the same needs and desires.

Sharing a flat is not for everyone, so you really have to think this through in order to avoid any problems.

You could find this really hard to live and this will result in your mental health for sure, which is the last thing you want. There is no point in living with people if you don’t talk to them or if you stay in your room all day with the door locked. 

How to organise your researches ?

Whenever you’re looking for a colocation, you d’ont really know where to begin and it is totally normal. There are a lot of websites that can be here to help you. 

You can spread the word around you: Before starting your researches, talk to your environment. It is an easy way that can allo you to find a colocation that is made for you. In the best case, you may come across a friend’s way that is in the same situation. Your friend will maybe talk to you about a colocation or refer friends of him with whom you could get along. 

Use specialised web sites: there is another way, developing a lot recently, websites that provides offer; You can have apartager.com, la carte des colocs, immojeune. Those websites allows you to contact colocation or owners. 

( If you can’t get to a flat visit, don’t hesitate to use our app My veasytor) 

  • Another possibility is to post an announce on social medias:
  • For exemple, if you have Facebook, you can post an announce on your feed. 
  • You can also go on websites dedicated to colocation and share your profile. 
  • Don’t forget to write a announce with as mots details as possible such as the date you would like to move in… Instagram is also a good way to share your word, post a story in which you say that you’re looking for a colocation, ask your friends to share it back in their own stories to spread the word and touch as many people as possible. 

Some additional informations :

Type of contracts :

There are two types of contracts that can be proposed while being in a colocation, the “individual lease” or the “unique lease”. 

The Individual Lease is a contract specific to each roommates. Each one of them are responsible of their rent. You have your own guarantor to help inc are you have troubles paying your rent. With this contract, you can access to an help from the government, like the “aide au logement” or APL (financial aid for your rent), but swell as ALF OR ALS. 

Regarding the unique lease, it is the opposite. This contract involves every roommates. To be more precise, the rent is not automatically divided. The owner require that the rent is payed at once, which means one roommates will pay it for all of the roommates. You, then, have to chose a trustworthy people to take this as a responsibility. You can, with this type of contract also gain the APL. 

Travel Costs :

Looking for an apartment can be hard, especially if you have to move in order to visit an apartment you would be interested in, that could also be in another city. Sometimes, agencies or retailers use photos that are not representing the reality. With My Veasytor, you can visit an apartment while not being in the same city. You have to chose a Veasytor ( an actual student of the city you’r looking for to move in, which means the student will know the city well and could give you some tips and advice in the case where you would stay in touch). Once the visit is over, you receive photos videos and description of the apartment under one hour. This is a good way to avoid scams while avoiding travel cost at the same time. 

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